Friday, September 19, 2014

Excel: Combining columns

Do you have first and last names in separate cells:

But you really want it in one cell like this:

Use the "Concatenate" function.  "Concatenate" means "to link together".
  1. Insert a new column (in my example I inserted a new column to the right of column B)
  2. Put your cursor in the first cell of the new column where you want the full name to go (in my example, it is C1)
  3. Type in the "concatenate" formula based on which cell the first and last names are located.  (In my example it is   =A1&" "&B1  because the first name is in A1 and the last name is in B1)
          Concatenate formula explained:
    •   =       every formula starts with an equal sign
    •   A1     you use the cell that contains the first name
    •   &      this is the concatenate symbol 
    •   " "    indicates a space (or you can put a comma or word between the quotes:  ","   "and")
    •   &      this is the concatenate symbol
    •   B1    you use the cell that contains the last name
Feel free to contact me if you have questions.

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